What's a Style Guide (aka Brand Guidelines)

Here’s the thing, if you own or are thinking of owning your own business you will save yourself a tone of heart ache if you set your systems up right from the beginning.
One of the most important tools/references you can invest your time in is your very own brand style guide. This document is your ultimate reference guide that will have you talking, sharing and showing up for your audience consistently.

Consistency in business is the ultimate goal with your branding so your people aren’t confused by what you offer, how you can serve them and what your values are.

Most brand style guides include the following, but each brand will have different needs but this is a great starting point to get things on track;

  • Your mission, take time and get clear about it!

  • Your tagline, keep it short and succinct

  • Your demographic, who do you serve, tell me all about them

  • What are the colors you use repeatedly to represent your brand

  • What are the typefaces you use repeatedly to represent your brand

  • What does your wordmark or logo look like and how do you treat it?

  • What do your social media posts look like? What type of content do you share? What’s the goal?

  • What is your type structure look like? What information do you want people to read first?

So take the time to build this out, don’t rush it, if you ever feel confused or lost you can come back to this a refocus to continue moving your business forward.

If you feel you can take if from here, Canva has some some templates you can use to make it happen or we would be happy to help you build out sometime completely custom for you and your business. You can check out our packages here.